Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use the Physis platform?
The Physis platform is most commonly used by institutional investors (asset managers, family offices, financial advisors, pension funds) but can be used by any interested parties.
Why should I use the Physis platform?
  • Measure the impact of any investment on the planet from the day of the first investment.
  • Build more sophisticated sustainable portfolios.
  • Expand your clientele to access a growing market of sustainable investors.
  • Stay compliant with the EU SFDR regulations.
  • Identifying and minimizing the risk of any investment.
  • Screen down an investment universe based on any sustainability needs.
  • Track all your portfolios for all your clients in one place using our CRM.
What makes Physis’ platform different from the ESG rating agencies?
ESG rating agencies only provide ESG scores. These scores are inconsistent across agencies and disclose limited to no quantitative data to back the score a company or fund received.
What type of data does this platform offer?
Our platform provides live impact data (waste recycled, total emissions, etc), sustainable products and services data, controversy data, principal adverse impact (PAI) indicators, EU Taxonomy coverage, ESG metrics, financial data, and more.
Where does the data come from?
The data displayed on the Physis platform represents 3 different sources: in-house research performed by our analysts, publicly available reports/websites, and redistribution agreements with external partners.
How broad is the data coverage?
Our platform holds over 56 million data points, covering over 17,000 publicly-traded companies and 355,000 funds.
How can I be sure the data is quality?
All data displayed on the Physis platform has been through a data quality check by our algorithms written into the back-end vetting process. If our system finds inconsistencies or conflicting data, our analysts will intervene to ensure the quality of the data.
What are the different ways that I can download Physis’ data?
Our data can be easily downloaded as a PDF or CSV file.
What if I already have sustainable data but also want to use Physis?
We allow our clients to integrate their data into our platform in a variety of ways including direct display on the front end. Please contact us to learn more about how we can accommodate your needs.
Does Physis only provide “big data”?
No, Physis focuses on providing only data that can be easily understood and interpreted by anyone with any level of expertise.
How can I be sure that anyone will be able to understand Physis’ data?
Physis beta-tested the platform with over 400 users ranging from finance and sustainability experts to everyday investors, their feedback assured us that our data was transparent and understandable for all levels.
Why do I need Physis’ data rather than using an ESG score?
As sustainability becomes increasingly prominent among investors, more and more people are demanding to see the impact of their investments beyond an ESG score. With Physis you can satisfy investors' needs by providing them with real data they can understand rather than an ambiguous score.
Can I integrate Physis’ tools into my own platform?
Yes, Physis’ data can be easily integrated into an existing platform using API, FTP, or widgets.
How can I keep track of all of my portfolios and clients using Physis?
Our “Portfolio Hub” feature serves as a CRM, allowing users to store countless portfolios and clients in our system for easy storage and reference.
How can I show my clients the impact of their portfolio?
Physis provides PDF reports or dynamic “Web Report” for any portfolio with just one click.
How can I build a portfolio from scratch?
Our “Screening” tool allows users to filter our investment universe based on any specific sustainable criteria. The result is a list of companies, countries or funds matching your exact requests.
Can I only run a portfolio of companies?
No, with Physis you can insert the ticker or ISIN of any combination of companies or funds. Using our systems look-through capabilities, we can show you data for all the companies in a portfolio and data for the holdings of any fund within a portfolio.
If a company's impact changes daily, how does Physis adapt to the constant changes?
We understand that, just like financial performance changes every day, so does impact performance. This is why Physis updates its data every time a user checks their portfolio, this ensures that the user is only receiving the most updated sustainable data. All data is gathered from the day of the first investment.
How can Physis help a user classify their products as Art.8 or Art.9 according to EU SFDR regulations?
Physis provides data for PAI indicators and the Taxonomy alignment of your portfolio. This information can be integrated into your investment strategies, helping to classify your fund as Article 8 or Article 9.
How do I sign up?
Please book a meeting to assess your sustainability needs and access the platform.
How much does the platform cost?
Physis is highly customizable to fit any client's individual needs, as such, our pricing varies based on the unique subscription plan of each user. Please contact us to find the right pricing for you.
What if I am an advisor and do not have institutional funding?
Our platform is customized to the exact needs of the user. If an advisor would like to use our platform we have plans specifically designed to provide select data at a marginalized cost. Contact us to find out more.
How are users billed?
Subscribers to the Physis platform are billed on a yearly subscription basis.